Hi, I’m Armin Kam!

I have over 18 years of experience in various fields of information technology. My strong technical background and business vision are the core competencies that made me a professional in the digital marketing industry and its related activities, including IT Project Management, Digital Transformation, Systems and Infrastructure Administration, and Websites Project Lead and Development. I helped more than 200 clients and businesses to grow their business revenues using digital assets and save a huge part of their expenses by providing cost-effective and optimized solutions. I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer science, and a master’s degree in Information Technology Engineering from Shiraz University, and currently I am studying Information Technology at “York University”. It is obvious that I am also updating my knowledge in more trending technology including Cloud Technologies mainly in MS Azure, Project Management, and new Digital Marketing techniques.

How Can I Help You?

My knowledge and experience, besides my soft skills, will help your business, not only receiving expert consulting but also getting technical executive roles in the tasks that I am skilled in them. Find more information about me and let me have the honour of starting our professional connection on LinkedIn.

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